An OBM (Online Business Manager) is a virtual support professional who manages online-based businesses, including the day-to-day & situational management of projects, operations, launches, team members, and metrics to give the CEOS energy and time to focus on strategic growth.

The OBM allows the CEO to be the Visionary and serve her clients, plan the company’s growth and future, and use her gifts to their fullest potential. Often a strategic partner in your business, an OBM will often provide insight and feedback on various strategies in the business.

Most business owners look to hire an OBM when they simply cannot grow their business anymore being the only one in charge.

Online Business Manager V.S. Virtual Assistant
An OBM is going to have a better understanding of how all the moving parts of your business fit together. She’s going to be involved in multiple areas of your business rather than just one or two. In addition, she’ll be providing input into how to improve different aspects of your business. She may be helping to develop a strategy for a specific project or area in which she has expertise, rather than just implementing tasks assigned to her. The biggest differentiating factor between a VA and an OBM is the level to which the person is invested in your business.